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婚紗晚裝潮流攻略 | 演繹最美新娘造型


整日只穿一件婚紗, 又想有不同的造型感覺?


1 Deep-V Elegance

Deep V 的上身除了是性感的代表設計,更有效令面部身形更顯修長,若再配上修身、魚尾或A-line裙身,女性魅力即時升級。

Deep V-neckline is not a sexy booster, and elongates your frame as well. A plunging V with slim cut, mermaid or A-line is ultra-feminine too.

2 Flower Blooming


Flowers will keep blooming and being the centerstage on dresses in 2019! 3D floral appliques and floral embroidery are arranged in special patterns and stacked with layers, presenting an image of fine elegance.

3 Lace Tattoo on Skin


Intricate embroidery or lace detailing on white or nude dress with a translucent layer, creating a sheer tattoo effect on your skin.

4 Duchess Effect


Satin has become an extremely popular bridal choice after Meghan Markle's royal wedding. The smooth luster boost up an elegant image.

5 Skinny Strap Fever


Narrow straps not only has the sex appeal of a strapless neckline, but also provide a perfect support.

6 Two-in-One Magic

一襲別具壓場氣勢的 ball gown 或 長拖尾,一拆即變輕便的修身款式,讓新娘於婚禮程序間輕鬆轉換造型。

A classic ball gown or design with a cathedral train, easily detached and changed to a slim cut dress, which is a convenient styling solution for brides to have different images without changing dresses.​

7 A Color Pick


Besides champagne wedding gown, other soft colors and even bright and full nuances like red, purple or yellow, are also eye-catching picks for wedding dresses, which is a perfect choice for a trendy bride or a second ceremony.

8 Cape Attraction


Besides detachable bottom, elegant tulle or lace capes to cover the shoulders and arms would be good accessory choices for two-in-one styling solutions.

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