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婚紗背後的魅惑 - 提昇氣質的裙擺


Wedding gown represents purity and flawless; symbolizing the expectation on a marriage. Apart from silhouette design, bride-to-be has to pay attention to the gown train. In tradition, a long train symbolizes a happy lifelong marriage. A train however can change the feel of a gown completely from reception to church ceremony. It also helps to flatter bride's body shape and enhance the aura of elegance.

小拖尾 - 最短的裙擺,延長到地面約1.5英尺或更小


Sweep – shortest train, extending 1.5 feet or less from where the gown meets the floor.

Occasion: suitable for any kind of wedding especially ceremony in the Marriage Registry, beach or garden banquet

左: 細緻的蕾絲小圓拖尾配上透花蕾絲長頭紗帶出浪漫與神秘

Left: Minimalist chic lace wedding dress; the sweep train features floor-lenght luxrurious lace wedding veil adds a touch of romance


Right: Vintage inspired high-collar column gown with lace sweep train makes a perfect figure proportion

教堂式 – 是大部份新娘子的選擇及屬於中等長度,伸延大约1.5至3英尺


Chapel – medium length and is mostly chosen, extending around 1.5 to 3 feet long

Occasion: suitable for church ceremony and medium formal banquet

左: 以多層次的輕紗延長裙擺増加舞會型裙擺的華麗感亦不失少女味

Left: Ballerina tulle ball gown features bodice decorated with sophisticated lace appliques. A glamorous yet girly choice.


Right: Elegant satin A-line gown with U-shaped open back; chapel train adds a classy touch.

可分拆的裙擺 – 附加在裙子後面的拖尾裙擺


Detachable – an add-on train at the back of gown

Occasion: detachable train provides flexibility for different occasions. Suitable for ceremony in the Marriage Registry and cocktail party (without adding the train) and church ceremony or hotel banquet (when attaching



Baby pink fit and flare spaghetti Alencon lace gown with detachable tulle train


Suptuous ball gown with finely beaded French lace bodice; featuring detachable lace cathedral train

傳統的大教堂 - 更長的裙擺,約伸延3至5英尺

場合: 適用於在教堂舉行結婚儀式或酒店宴會

Cathedral – more formal and longer train, around 3 to 5 feet long

Occasion: suitable for church ceremony or hotel banquet


Left: Cathedral train features luxurious guipure lace appliques details showing elgant romance 


Right: Victorian style satin ball gown features alluring heart-shaped open back design, sumptuous long cathedral train


Left: Lace Qi-pao neck mermaid gown, keyhole back design with organza cathedral train with lace appliques


Right: Cathedral train highlighted with long satin bowknot adds a touch of royaltynoble

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