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Dress Guide | Silhouette - A-line Gown

Silhouette means the overall cut of a gown. It is one of the most important elements to focus on. Not only does it set the mood of the entire gown, the right silhouette also flatters brides’ figures.


Creates triangle shape and is also known as princess dress. Hemline available in a variety of width.

An elegant narrow A-line gown (wedding dress style no. 290)

A sumptuous A-line gown with wide hemline (wedding dress style no. 289)

Good for: it is the most popular skirt option as it fits perfectly on a variety of body type. In particular, the A-Line cut covers wide hips effectively.

Bad for: As the A-line cut is narrow at the top and hugs the bust closely; it will make your bust look smaller. A bodice with voluminous embellishment such as flower appliqués or fine pleats on chest fits you best

Other silhouette:-


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