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別小看自己的Dream Dress!簡約婚禮不代表要求簡單!


More and more brides-to-be want to have a simple wedding, that every preparation step become simpler, including choosing the wedding gown? However, after they tried on the wedding dresses in person, their final will always changes which is much different from the original “concise” imagination.

相比起香港女生,外國新娘出嫁一向感覺較為隨意,所以當準新娘 Caroline 想找婚紗時,起初都只求簡約一點的設計,但當想到要穿起婚紗進行代表性的婚禮環節 ─ 「First Dance」,就發覺「簡單」的想法原來未夠滿足。再加上要將裙帶回德國舉行big day同時拍攝婚照,要達到自己的理想要求,配合來來回回的租價,十指一算,最後還是選擇了 Anovia 的度身訂造。

Most European and American weddings are less complex than Asian’s, so when our bride, Caroline, wanted to find a wedding dress, she initially asked for a simple design. However, when she said she would like to have a dance with her dress, the idea of ​​"simple design" actually cannot satisfy her needs at all. Also, if she wants to bring the dress back to her mother country, Germany, for the wedding ceremony, in addition to fulfilling her own ideal requirements, she finally decided to choose Anovia's tailor-made service.

除了訂造出來的效果,Caroline 亦相當滿意整個訂造過程,由設計師與婚紗顧問伴隨挑選合適的設計,到試 mock,然後試穿成品以至收取的所有環節,一切程序都貼心跟足,而非訂完之後只見一件貨而已。

Not only the dress design, Caroline also appreciates the entire custom made process, from designers and wedding consultants help thinking about the right design, to the mock and final piece fitting, are all meticulous.

穿婚紗始終有別於日常服飾,大部分新娘子一生只有一次穿上「the one」的機會,即使是再簡單的婚禮,到真正選婚紗並試上身才會發現自己的理想其實一點都不簡單,因為結婚當日,就是要令人眼前一亮!

到底度身訂造的支出會否超出預算?詳情可參閱以下內容: Would the tailor-made service exceed your budget? Click the following for details:

除了度身訂造,Anovia 亦另有婚紗晚裝租借服務,配合專業的造型咨詢,與駐場的品牌設計師同助準新娘們穿上夢想。

Except the custom made service, Anovia also provides wedding gown and evening gown rental package. Both offer with professional image advice to help our brides dressing their dreams.

Click to find you dress:

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