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對你來說,一件於婚禮進場 ( March In ) 時穿着的婚紗,該會是怎樣的設計?



新娘子 Joey,就同時希望造型雖隆重,卻不如迪士尼那樣用紗與鋼塑造的「公主」氣派,反而想多靠蕾絲編織,配合長袖與魚尾剪裁,以達至最想要的高貴優雅味道。可惜,不斷上網尋找心儀的參考類型,結果亦未算滿意。

What type of wedding dress would you choose for march in?

May be glitter enough, eye-catching or shocking enough?

Even dresses which match the above adjectives are in huge amount, but still none of them can be described as your “dream dress”?

Except the above needs, the bride, Joey, also wish to have a dress which is grand, but the style is much different from Disney’s “Princesses” that the glam is created by yarn and petticoat. Instead, she wants a lace weaving, and long sleeves mermaid dress to achieve her noble and elegant desire. Unfortunately, there isn't any photo reference on the Internet can totally fit her will. Finally, she chose to join Anovia's tailor-made service...

最後,她選擇了 Anovia 的度身訂造……

駐場設計師先整合了 Joey 的喜好意願,再揀選最貼合身形的剪裁設計,並將袖長改到最理想的長度、把 Deep-V 的性感幅度收窄,更將拖尾延長至足夠壓場的效果,而且還額外多出一份獨一無二的專屬感覺。Joey 形容,成品的滿意度甚至超乎了自己預期。

Anovia’s in-house designer selected the most suitable cutting and design based on Joey's will. Then changed the sleeve to the best length for her, and also extended the train to chapel train. And finally it is exclusive and unique. “The finished product even better than my expectations !” Joey described.

到底度身訂造的支出會否超出預算?詳情可參閱以下內容: Would the tailor-made service exceed your budget? Click the following for details:

新娘 Joey 選擇了 Anovia 度身訂造後的個人感受: The personal expression of the bride, Joey, after choosing Anovia's tailor made service:

除了度身訂造,Anovia 亦另有婚紗晚裝租借服務,配合專業的造型咨詢,與駐場的品牌設計師同助準新娘們穿上夢想。

Except the custom made service, Anovia also provides wedding gown and evening gown rental package. Both offer with professional image advice to help our brides dressing their dreams.

Click to find you dress:

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