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Testimonial - AnoviaBrides對我們想說的是...

Joey : 之前試過好多間的婚紗,不論款式或尺碼都未有合適的一件,所以最後決定了訂造婚紗。設計師 Serina 就很明白我想要的,而根據我的意見改造出來的成品,亦超出了自己想像的效果,既夠閃,又有 march-in 的壓場感,是一件回頭率高的婚紗,亦有獨一無二、僅屬自己的感覺。 I couldn’t find a perfect dress even I’ve visited many bridal boutiques, so I chose to have my tailor-made gown. Anovia’s in-house designer, Serina, understand what I want and did some changes on the design to fit my will. And finally the finished product is even better than my expectation, that is glitter enough, and glam enough for march-in, also, it is exclusive and unique.

Carman Chan :


Although price is a little bit high, but it's more value than its price. Never sloppy for gowns trial, and try to get perfect fit on every dress. Gowns have sizes, cuttings make body looks slim, and serve with sincerity.

Suki Ho :


I appreciate to talk to the designer personally so I can understand well about each dresses. Advice from Anovia wedding consultants are very useful. Dresses are very elegant and beautiful.

Clydea Chong :

謝謝Anovia讓我在婚禮變成一個公主! 用心的服務、優質的用料,非常推薦!

Thank you all of you for making me like a princess on my wedding day. great service, perfect quality, highly recommended!

Joyce Hara :


I would like to appreciate your hard working ,passion and helpful on helping me ,my mom and my mother in law for choosing our gowns on my big day and pre wedding to KYOTO.

Anna Ar Yu :

見過這間衫裙的實物,再看其他舖頭會無辦法看得上眼,特別是晚裝,設計很有個性。Cat 很細心,每一次試衫都很認真,而且能提供專業意見。價錢不算便宜,但找到自己喜歡的衫big day 當天也會笑得更有自信。

You will fall in love with Anovia designs after seeing the gowns in person, especially for the evening dresses, very unique and fashionable. Cat is professional and attention-to-detail. Price-worthy to wear your dream dress on the wedding day.

Kate Lee :


I have rented your gowns for my pre-wedding shooting and outdoor big day. Your gowns are beautiful. All of my guests like the gowns so much. Specially thanks for your consultant, Joanne who gave the opinion for my pre-wedding shooting and outdoor big day.

Neroli Tong :

一直都好好服務,特別是 Serina和Chole, 開頭被Serena獨到眼光令我選擇左合適婚紗。真心感激她的用心,之後Chole follow up 簡直無野好講 ,超爽快,令我覺得每一次都珍惜去談造型,人又漂亮又熟手。最後confirm所有晚裝,thank you for helping me a lots.

The consulting service was always good, especially from Serena and Chloe. Serena has an eye for wedding gown recommendation. I picked my dream dress without further hesitation with her help. Chloe did a perfect job in arranging all the follow up. She is experienced and professional. Thank you for helping me lots!

Louisa Tang :

很慶幸自己在你們那裡找到我的夢想婚紗和晚裝!加上褂的一站式服務非常好!阿雪由開始幫我選婚紗到final fitting都非常專業,Big Day當日個個都讚我的婚紗晚裝非常靚!完美!

I am very happy that I found my dream wedding and evening dress at Anovia. It was great that I can also rent my Kua here. Suet was very professional from the start to the final fitting. Everyone is impressed by my bridal looks on the big day! Perfect!

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