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Real Weddings | Suki & Eason 愛與信仰的故事


Suki & Eason walked through a beautiful 11-year journey of love and faith. Together in Christ, they shared similar values and developed a strong relationship based on trust and respect. In earlier this year, they walked to the church hand-in-hand and made the lifetime commitment to each other. Let's take a look of Suki & Eason amazing love story.



Eason infused elements from his favourite comic "Dragon Ball" in his proposal surprise. Suki found 7 dragon balls filled with blessings from people that are important to her life, and finally received Eason 's proposal on a little boat.


The "Dragon Ball" theme can also be seen on the wedding day.



Suki & Eason have spent 2 years organizing every details of their wedding. At the very beginning, they wrote down their expectations on a note book, and it seems that they think very differently about a perfect wedding. They finally come up that the spiritual meanings and to thanks their beloved one are the most important elements. So they highlighted the wedding by a Christian wedding ceremony, and keep the gala dinner with simple decorations.



For the bridal looks, Suki was first attracted by Anovia dreamy 3D floral evening gown. After talking with designer Serina, she immediately fell in love with Anovia designs. Suki and Eason appreciated how Serina and the wedding consultants listen to their needs and preference, giving the best advices to them.


Thank you Suki & Eason again for sharing their beautiful love story.

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