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Dress Guide | Silhouette - Ball Gown

Silhouette means the overall cut of a gown. It is one of the most important elements to focus on. Not only does it set the mood of the entire gown, the right silhouette also flatters brides’ figures.


Full skirt or known as ballerina dress. It usually goes with a fitted bodice and natural or dropped waistline that emphasizes a very full skirt.

A refreshing tulle ball gown (wedding dress style no. 252)

A glamorous lace ball gown with 3-floral appliques (wedding dress style no. 336)

Good for:

Skinny – a full skirt adds curves and volume

Tall – good for brides who don’t wish to emphasize their heights

Thick waist – the full skirt helps to create a “slim-waistline” visual effect

Full hip – can be hidden under the skirt

Bad for:

Small chest - the tight bodice but wide skirt will tend to draw attention to a smaller bust. If you are also skinny, a ball gown with voluminous embellishment such as flower appliqués or fine pleats on chest fits you best.

Tiny frame – the excess fabric can overwhelm tiny body

Other silhouette:-


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